Wira Medika PPNI Bali College of Health Science concisely named STIKES Wira Medika PPNI Bali was established in November 30th2007 based on Indonesian Ministry of National Education’s Decree 225/D/O/2007. This college is a below Samodra Ilmu Cendekia Foundation. STIKES Wira Medika PPNI Bali i s a member of Association of Indonesian Nursing Education College (AINEC). STIKES Wira Medika PPNI Bali collaborate with a lot of parties, govermental or private institution, domestic or international, profession organization such as PPNI (Indonesian Nurses Association) and Association of Laboratory Expertise in Indonesia (PATELKI). Collaboration is also being held with several Public Health Care Center, Laboratories and the General Hospital of type A and type B .

 Institute of Health Science Wira Medika PPNI Bali is a private institution, developed in response to the need for nurses to be offered Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) qualifications,  prior to that many of them have to go to Java for nursing study.

PPNI Bali is the abbreviation of Persatuan Perawat Nasional Indonesia (Nurses Association of Indonesia) Bali Province. PPNI has cooperation with a foundation namely : Yayasan Samodra Ilmu Cedekia (YSIC) who supported the  establishment  of this Institute  of Health Science in Denpasar Bali.

These are the historical background of the school’s establishment:

  • The need to provide high-quality health care institution that enable the graduates to go international
  • Increasing number of hospital and many health-care institution that require  a lot of qualified nurses
  • Inequitable distribution of health care personnel, most of them are in big cities